Cyber Racism And Discrimination

Cyber Racism And Discrimination


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The era of computing, and more precisely the internet age, has brought about a revolution in data and information access as well as the ability to air one’s ideas with a worldwide audience. The internet is an important tool that has enabled ideas and knowledge to be pooled in a single open library where anyone can access any material that they want. The social media came, and the world has been brought together such that we are now living in a single global village. The advantages that have sprouted from the internet and social media, especially in social and multicultural interactions, are numerous and cannot be discounted. However, the same internet that is supposed to bring the world closer together has given the racists a global podium where they speak out their racist views that lead to devastating online hatred and racial rifts. This essay will take a view of the effects of the internet on racism and racial discrimination and how this has affected the contemporary public.


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